The watches of our collection are as individual as the people who wear them. Nevertheless, there are some distinctive features that characterize the Jowissa design language. These include brilliant reflections, high-quality materials, intense colors and Swiss quality.

Multi-faceted Brilliance

Jowissa creates brilliant views with sophisticated light reflections. Elegant metallised watch glasses cover the entire body. They stage finely decorated dials and give Jowissa watches a visual vibrancy that draws attention. In all models, beveled facets also provide brilliant shine – a demanding and rare technique that masters Jowissa with perfection.

Excellence with Recognition

As real fashion statements, watches from Jowissa lift the line between timepiece and jewelery. High-quality materials contribute just as much as the individual design approach that Jowissa pursues. Finest leather, shiny ceramic or cool stainless steel are lovingly crafted into wristwatches that combine aesthetics and comfort in an original way. A Jowissa watch wears as well as it looks.

Flair For Colours

Colors generate emotions. For this reason, only intense, harmonic tones find their way into the wide-ranging Jowissa color palette. This allows any fashion-conscious watch-lover to give a visual expression to his feelings: warm burgundy, deep royal blue, fresh green, classic white, fashionable black or vibrant orange – every hue awakens new, individual associations

Handmade in Switzerland

It is the inner values ​​that give outer beauty truly irresistible charm. For this reason, Jowissa devotes all aspects of watchmaking to the same care and thoughtful design. For three generations the clocks in the Solothurn village of Bettlach have been manually assembled and controlled. It was only in 2016 that a new production facility was inaugurated here – clearly visible sign of the “Swiss-Made” quality claim.

Excerpt taken from the Jowissa website. Swiss Primo is a re-seller of Jowissa brand products but not directly affiliated.